Monday, 16 June 2008

This is shit.

This is on hold, for many reasons.

The first mainly being I dont have a lot of time on my hand's to write good post's so everything I do is quick.

And second I don't have a camera to put lovely pictures up.

When these things change I WILL start doing this again.

Untill then, listen to Slayer, Black Metal, and The Police to get by your boring lifes.


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Trash Talkers are comin' to town!

First impressions you get by Trash Talk: EVIL.

Liturally one of the best bands to come from the US in a long time. There hate filled music just backs up there criminal lifestlyes. After there release of a 7" on Malfuction, which is fast, furious and poseses more wickedness then the devil him self, Trash Talk have really set them selves up for an
insane UK/Europe tour ahead of them.

So far touring with/soon to be bands such as Modern Life Is War, The Mongoloids, Cold World, Trapped Under Ice, and many more Trash Talk are notourious for fucking shit up along the way, playing fast, smoking loads of weed. They plan to play Europe, then go home for another tour straight on to Sound and Fury with very little break's inbetween.

Trash Talks upcoming LP will be out on TTCollective this summer. TTCollective is for Trash Talk Collective... guess they like to be in control.

If you want more infomation about Trash Talk you can read there blog here and listen to them here!

All together Trash Talk pretty much put up there middle finger and shuv it in the faces of authrities, public, and anyone else who is going to try stop them or has a problem with what they do. Dope fucking band.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Cursed @ The Underworld, Camden - 1st May.

1st May... day to remember! 

Last night I went to go see Cursed play, one of my favorite bands. The full line up was Wraith, Taint, Cursed plus one more band which I cant remember the name of who were terrible and the vocalist looked like Jack Sparrow, sociably unacceptable. But really there was only one band who stood out, Cursed obviously. From the start of there set to the end everything they did, every song they played, every speech, all of it was amazing. The crowd at the front were going mad, some chick with pink hair kept trying to hit people, the vocalist randomly start talking about cute guys and having a period when you see them... yeah wtf?!?  But all in all if you were not there, you missed out totally! It was probably one of the highlights of the month if not the year! So hopefully with the success of the tour we should see this Canadian four piece on our stage's again soon. 

Along with the untouchable greatness of Cursed, the band that opened, Wraith, were also amazing. Coming from Wales and also being on the whole tour this should of help them a fair bit. 

You can buy both Cursed and Wraith's records from the Reflections Records store. 

On other news I feel terrible for work this morning. Please say the next eight hours goes fast because I'm straight away going to bed when I get home.  

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

GTA 4!

IS another level! This game is incredible. I picked it up after work last night and played it for an hour or so but really, it fucking smacks it. So far I haven't picked up a gun, or done anything crazy I'm just getting used to playing it properly so far.  

The best thing is that some of the car's are dope as fuck! The muscle car's really slide and the big SUV's are beast's! There apparently isn't any plains :( like the last few games but there's more helicopters so were not loosing out. 

I shall add pictures when I have the time... Maybe. 


So i've been pretty busy over the last few weeks and even more busy in the coming few weeks as well! Got payed the other week so i've picked up some dope threads from The Hideout and Upper Playground in London. Along with my new sneakers as seen below. 

Got some good shows coming up soon, a little list would be:

1st May - Cursed @ The Underworld, Camden. 
3rd May - Throats Split 7" release show with Maths @ Beyond Retro?!  
7th June - There is my All-Day show in Harrow, Going to be sick @ the Trinity Bar.
15th May - The Movielife @ The Peel

And loads more... Guns Up!, Converge, Integrity, so on. 


Friday, 25 April 2008

New Sneaks


Thursday, 17 April 2008

Playing in the snow!?!

I've recently been away skiing. It was probably the best holiday I've ever been on. If you don't ski, specially if you haven't even thought of going skiing then it's 100% defiantly worth the effort to go.

I went to a resort in France, close to Switzerland, call Avoriaz. (closer look here!)

I'll add pictures when i'm back from work, because I came home last night at about 1 a.m went to bed and got up for work at 6... death.